Any thoughts about Trailer Friendly Charging Stations???

    So I was eagerly contemplating today the expectation to hauling my 27Ft. Travel Trailer with the Cybertruck. Then thought about a potentially frustrating issue. So if your traveling across country, a great distance beyond the battery range. How frustrating will it be to find a place to...
  2. Cybertruck Event [SPECULATION]

    I believe that Tesla will probably(>30%) have another CT event with the updated design. While the livestream wasn't the worst thing in the world, there is so much more information about the truck that we don't know including what's new and old(there were rumors that the event ended way too soon...
  3. Model 3 while I wait for cybertruck

    OK, so I am looking for honest opinions. I am trying to patiently wait for the cybertruck, but it will be a while as we all know. Thinking about depreciation of teslas and specifically, model 3. Does it make sense to buy a model 3 to get in the game and simply sell when it's time for buying...
  4. Jamey100

    CyberTruck production start date = April 2022

    This snippet is from an annual database (IHS Delta report) of all current and future vehicle production in the North American region. Reservation sheet must be adjusted accordingly. I was hoping we get the Cybertruck sooner but am glad they get to take their sweet time and perfect this beast...
  5. DrKnowItAll

    Interview with Cyberlandr Camper's creators!

    HI, all, Just joining this group (though I've had my CT reservation in since January, 2020), and thought I'd pass on an interview I did with Lance King and Bill French, two of the creators of the Cyberlandr. I hope this proves interesting to you all, and helps dispel a couple of bits of...
  6. rr6013

    TSLA map

    TSLA irons in the fire are too great to grok extemporaneously. This mapping exercise helps with complexity. If this helps anybody, great. It sorts scope and scale. A timeline is another exercise not needed yet. Its created with file type, a free app Enjoy… update: Map...
  7. Rear Drive Long Range?

    So I’ve mused on this question for a while. Would it be possible for Tesla to produce a longer range variant by making it a 2wd vs AWD set up? Traditional ICE cars are more efficient with fewer driving wheels. I assumed the answer was no, as it seems the size of the battery seems linked with the...
  8. Roland Mills

    Anyone Believe the Cybertruck will do well on Turo?

    Hi friends, i've preordered three Cybertrucks and plan on listing them on Turo. The plan is to monetize them that way before the RoboTaxi network gets turned on. Do any of you currently list your other Teslas on Turo? Good or bad idea? I'd love your feedback! I've broken down my rationale here:
  9. When do you think Tesla will begin contacting people for Cybertruck orders?

    What month do you think Tesla will first begin to contact people for their Cybertruck order?
  10. DareBear

    Waiting For My Cybertruck Decal

    Hey Guys, I created a decal that I thought all of you may appreciate. I originally made it for myself, because I couldn't find anything like it available. I ordered a ton extra because I thought others may like it. I think it's a cool way to show excitement for the upcoming Cybertruck. I...
  11. Tesla Cybertruck Will Have Neuralink Controls!

    The Tesla Cybertruck will have Neuralink Controls! What is Neuralink, you may ask? Even if the Cybertruck is not on Autopilot, you'll still be able to control it without using the steering wheel. Intrigued? I invite you to check it out:
  12. U92

    Help- I got 2 CT reservations but only can login to one.

    Hello I got two reservations for the Cybertruck back in November but used a different email now only one lets me login. I have a bunch of emails for work and never created an account with the 2nd one. Anyone else have this problem?
  13. What is the best dog for CT?

    I currently care for a mixed breed wheaton terrier. He is a lot of fun but what do you think would be the best dog for my Cybertruck?
  14. Danny141

    You can now Pre - Order a 1:17 scale model of Cybertruck

    After about 6 months of developing this super realistic scale model, I am ready to share this masterpiece with the Cybertruck community. I plan to build 20 of these, you may order one here; Order Now
  15. ghoticov

    Recovered Cybertruck Hater

    Hello... My name is Marc Benton and I am a recovered Cybertruck Hater. Please forgive me....
  16. Tug-of-war:Cybertruck game

    Hi guys, I've been working on a Cybertruck game for some time now. I've released it on IOS and Android this week. I hope you will like it! Here is the trailer for the game and the download links are in the description. Thanks!
  17. Regenshire

    Will the CyberTruck be your First Tesla and/or Electric Vehicle?

    Reading through the forum, I notice a lot of comments that suggest some posters are not familiar with many of the features of existing Tesla models. This made me curious as to how many of you future CyberTruck owners that this will be your First Tesla or EV. So, will this be your first foray...
  18. U92

    Solution to prevent Electroinc hacking and theft.

    First Time post, Lurking for a while. Future Tri and Dual owner under 69k order So I have talked to my wife about it and others and people are afraid it can be hacked into and possibly stolen remotely. I have a solution. Just get a lift and park it on the lift with the tires off the ground...
  19. Cybertruck may become the first Tesla able to vehicle-to-grid power your house

    Based on this video there are some questions that need answering 1. tesla semi battery size . with the semi having a possible 1 MWh battery pack for the 500mi range and the cyber truck having the same range in the tri-motor config but not carrying as much weight, so assuming the semi is double...
  20. jay10cee

    3D Printed Cybertruck

    I am currently 3D printing Tesla cybertrucks for customers. Size is 5 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall. 3D printed on a Markforged printer with black Onyx material, which is a strong plastic(Much stronger than PLA and ABS) with great quality. Can only be printed in black. See...