1. Introducing the Cyber…

    You’ve seen the CyberWhistle, the CyberBackpack, and the CyberVault, but have you ever partaken of a CyberUrinal? It’s stainless steel exoskeleton is corrosion free and comes with a free splash guard. It was like I was urinating into the future. :LOL: Don’t get me wrong, I love the CyberTruck...
  2. Papihavana

    New Gigatruck? Elon What Up!

    Did the govener just leak a new development? Could it be "The Gigatruck" you heard it here first, or was it at the Tesla Lithium event. Elon what was your reacciĂłn? Love to hear it on the Rideboundless Podcast by RValderrama
  3. Cybertruck Ancillary Power ?

    Is there any information regarding how much stored battery will be available with cybertruck and how that system will integrate/interface with the main battery storage? Will there be dedicated cells. Will ancillary power also regenerate with regenerative braking? Etc. Thank you.
  4. EV130

    Free Cybertruck images (exterior and interior)

    Where can we find images, NOT trademarked (TM), that we can download and share to promote the Cybertruck? Thinking about starting a local meetup spot for Cybertruck fans and want to get great photos of the truck!
  5. Was the Tri-Motor price accidentally released by a glitch?

    Teslarati posted an article that someone’s cybertruck order page (RN112748315) showed the price of the truck at $76,900 for the trimotor with FSD… shortly after the price was removed…thought's on this price? Was this just a famegrab? With everything thats happened since 2019, I personally would...
  6. ethermotors

    3D printed Santa Claus Cybertruck!

    I'm making some 3D printed Cybertruck Santas! I will share designs and prototyping with you. I hope you like it! :)
  7. GM Hummer vs Tesla Cybertruck - Complete Review.

    The phrase 'Environmentally Friendly Hummer' sounds like an oxymoron. That's because when you think of the Hummer, you think of everything that is wrong with ICE vehicles. Hummers are big, loud, obnoxious, and most of all, extremely inefficient gas-guzzling behemoths. The reason we all love...
  8. JBee

    Slipstreaming EV's - A viable pathway to extending range via OTA?

    There was some discussion on various threads about using slipstreaming or drafting to extend EV range. This is when vehicles follow each other closely to minimize aerodynamic drag and therefore reduces energy consumption. I thought it would be interesting to discuss this in more detail, and...
  9. JBee

    New Starlink terminal solution for Cybertruck?

    EM recently tweeted that they now have a 280kmh (174mph) wind rated Starlink dish that is optimized for moving marine applications. The new device is 575mm (22") x 511mm (20") but now is mounted with an angled bracket and no longer needs to track or be mounted on a pole, meaning it would be...
  10. How the RIVIAN R1T compares to the CYBERTRUCK?

    The electric car market has exploded in the last few years as more and more companies see the potential in the industry. Before we begin, let's get the glaring obvious out of the way. One of these vehicles is available to the public (albeit in limited quantities for now), and the other is not...
  11. Kid Rides a Cyberquad

  12. Cyberbackpack may just be the coolest backpack.
  13. Rate My Feature Request / Options list?

    Does this site have a itemized, collated and member rated list of all the features we would like to see on Cybertruck? There are many posts about individual products and UI features we would like to see, but I think it would be valuable to see a list of our preferences for such items. The...
  14. Joe Rogan takes Cybertruck for a Spin! [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Well all I can say is that these pics look better than the leaked ones in my opinion.
  15. What we 100% know about the Cybertruck

    Its fair to say there are many rumors going around especially some from unreliable sources. Lets mention what we 100% know so far about the Cybertruck. this is for the first trucks being produced. 1. production will start with 4 motor variant. 2. we can expect production either in 2022 or...
  16. 2022 Tesla Model Y Gets A New Feature & Tesla Semi News

    According to Tesla News, a recent update implemented on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y 2022 online owner’s manual hints at upcoming upgrades for both mass-market vehicles. With the update, the climate control section of the 2022 Model 3 and Model Y manuals now reference ventilated seats, as the...
  17. Predicted Cybertruck Pricing

    I took a look across all of teslas vehicles and came up with a decent pricing prediction based on what everything else is priced at. Feel free to leave your thoughts but i can see this being the actual final pricing based on what the lineup pricing is currently at. I think it would be fair to...
  18. Cybertruck or Roadster?

    I put my deposit for the TRI motor Cybertruck second day after the reveal. My reservation in line is about # 45k. Elon has gone out to say that the truck will be teslas greatest product ever produced. My question for the forum is if you had the chance to have the truck or roadster which would...
  19. Which EV truck will have most deliveries in 2023?

    What EV truck will have the most deliverers in 2023?
  20. Albern

    ? Quad Motor Cybertruck and Crab Walk (Independent Front & Rear Wheel Steering) Confirmed!!

    EDIT** Confirmed by Elon himself!! From a few reliable sources in conjunction with the recent release of CT-related merchandise and the anticipation of a supposed 12/9 announcement, there's speculation that there will be a Quad-Motor variant. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on a...