1. Cybertruck Delivery Feb 9th 2024. My owner review

    Alright, I'm ready to share my thoughts on the Cybertruck I recently picked up on Feb 9. The delivery experience was a bit different from what I've seen online, but it was well-handled. The truck was separated from the rest of the Tesla service area in a different parking lot, which was a nice...
  2. Set delivery center for pickup

    For those who have set their delivery dates and/or picked up your FS CT, we're you able to select any delivery center you wanted or was is selected for you? I am trying to pick it up at an Austin service center instead of one in my state.
  3. ButterEV

    Can the CyberTruck replace a delivery truck? Watch how it did

    So I decided to replace our delivery truck with the CyberTruck. Watch to see how it did.
  4. Atlanta First Deliveries Soon?

    Stopped by the Alpharetta, GA Avalon store today. Was going to show my son the CT, but it was gone! Chatted with a sales guy there that said they moved it out in the middle of the night last night to another location - bummer - also would not say where except for in GA. He said even at a late...
  5. Are “Early 2024” orders still the expectation for the early beasts?

    I’m curious to hear what the consensus is for the accuracy of the displayed estimated deliveries.
  6. ButterEV

    After 4 years we finally took delivery of our CyberTruck [video]

    Also see my existing takeaways, impressions, updates thread at:
  7. Jethro

    So, 1000 Foundation Series @ 50/day should take 20days, unless…

    …Tesla is actually selling more tha 1000 Foundations. I was offered one and My number is over 18,000.…not sure why I’d be up so fast, but excited! Congrats to those with VINs! -what’s being delivery AWD vs. Beast -any way to speed up the process? (get your ducks in a row, grease palms ,etc.)...
  8. drrjv

    Asked ChatGPT when I would get my CT

    Pretty reasoned answer — see attachment
  9. Changing Delivery Country from UK to USA

    Hello CyberFans! I’ve reached out to Tesla via emails and calls regarding this issue, but unfortunately, haven’t had any success. Hoping someone here might have insights on where I could find a solution. I’m a devoted Tesla fan and investor eagerly anticipating the Cybertruck since placing an...
  10. Post your RN# with delivery status here when NEWS comes to you

    As everyone is interested, we want to see the first movements of Cybertruck (CT) delivery. So, if you're in the club and get communication of your CT starting delivery process, post it here. Keep it easy and simple. 1) RN# and place in line, if you seen spreadsheet 2) Type: single, dual, or...
  11. Will it ever come to Europe?

    I´m thinking that this car might never be officially released in Europe because of the INSANE EU pedestrian safety standards. Given that I´m thinking about if i can change my delivery location or order to the US and then just ship it to Europe directly and see if I can get around the rules...
  12. JBee

    People get up! Today is Cybertruck Delivery day!

    Good morning American peeps. :sleep: Today is the day of good tidings. :oops: Many Cybertruck things will we learn. 🤓 I started the 30th November a day early, but I'm going to keep my eyes peeled and not go to bed until I see all that can be seen on the 1st... Hope you are all excited and...
  13. Selling FSD Tri-motor Cybertruck Reservation RN114******

    Purchased in Janurary, 2021. I will work with your on the details and delivery. Comment or DM if you're interested. Thanks ⚡️
  14. Dazajj

    2023 delivery numbers expected?

    Do we have any indication on how many deliveries are expected before the end of 2023? I’m number 12K in line, dual motor, living in NC.
  15. Decoding Deliveries: A Worldwide Perspective 🌎📮 - How Will International Orders be Prioritized?

    I'm really excited about the Cybertruck, we've all been eagerly waiting for it. However, I've noticed that most of the discussions have been centered around deliveries within the US. It's important for us to remember that our community is global, and there are members from various countries...
  16. A Cybertruck Awakes

    Even the heavy scarlet mist of a consumed world, capable of blocking the Sun itself, could not hide The Factory, with its thousands of eyes piercing suspiciously at any who dare to approach. As you walk towards, it follows your every step, analysing, calculating, but endlessly working, never...
  17. Treynor

    Random Lottery / skip the line!

    So, I heard that Billy Joel used to go to the nosebleed area seats and pick random concert goers to come sit up in the front rows. That sure did get a lot of free publicity, and REALLY made those ticket purchasers happy. I vote Tesla organizes a monthly random lottery to pull from only...