Edmunds: Tesla Model Y versus Shelby GT500


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Jan 20, 2021
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I am not defending Ford or ICE for that matter. Just want to share what I got from the video. From what the guys in the video were saying, I don’t think electric vs. ICE had anything to do with the Model 3 winning. From what they said I understood the reason the Mustang lost was two things. 1. The Mustang was not all wheel drive and the Model 3 was. 2. The Mustang had horrible Launch mode and traction control systems. If the Mustang had all wheel drive, and what the guys said was true about the specs, I believe the Mustang would have won the race.
I agree with some of this. Had an actual race car engineer actually designed the Mustang it could have won that race against a model S, maybe. I am an "old" Ford enthusiast, back before the industry stopped being about their version of strength, capability, longevity, and owner repair, and morphed into glamour and planned obsolescence. What I saw in this video was disappointment. All that power at the driver's demand, but Ford didn't adjust the suspension to accommodate the power. They made a drifter/tire destroyer not a race car. There is more to a vehicle than horsepower and torque. There are gear ratios, including the differential gear ratio. There is suspension geometry that can utilize the weight of the vehicle against the points of traction. There is an idea that power is king, but if you cannot plant the power at the pavement (exactly what they were lamenting), the power is useless! One last point here, all this power from I.C.E. equipment contributes more CO2 to the atmosphere just for a wealthy man's jolly. It is as if the industry is doubling down on destroying efficiency for brute strength like a frustrated scream, while missing the whole point that to compete with B.E.V. they need to judiciously apply the power to the ground. People have been modifying cars in private garages, on the cheap, for over a century for their own purposes! It is moronic for trained engineers to use their vast resources to build such a impotent machine as they did with this mustang.