Hail & Ding Protection - Tesla Tough vs the other guys (Ford/GM/RAM Tough) who need a cocoon or pool noodles


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Sep 25, 2020
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Tesla CyberTruck​
other guys (Ford/GM/RAM Tough)​
Is Standard:​
YES, all Cybertrucks​
NO, Is Optional & extra cost​
examples: HAIL PROTECTOR, WALSER cover, or DIY (pool noodles, blankets)​
Protection level:​
Glass: Hail class 4, Metal: Tesla HFS​
Do these even work at all ???​
stationary, driving on-road or off-road​
only when stationary (vehicle should not be driven)​
Setup Time:​
None ( Always ready)​
5-10 minutes​
Work without have warning of storm:​
Yes (No warning needed. Always ready)​
NO ( Need warning. Need time to install )​
looks like the future​
1800s or 1900s ??​
Bonus item: Protection from shopping carts, dinging from Other cars​
Yes ( Tesla HFS is always protecting)​
Only if you setup after arriving & remove when leaving​


Ford F-150 Raptor Forum - What the HAIL??
Thread start date Jun 17, 2022, Location: Canandaigua, New York USA

Storm came through last evening. I counted about 30 to 40 dents now.
This is why we can't have nice things‍


Ford F-150 Raptor Forum - Hail
2022 Feb 18

2022 Feb 18 #1 - Location: Dallas, TX USA
Over the years I have filed 4 hail claims on my vehicle. I have had over $40K in damage ....

2022 Feb 19 - impactbumper
As much as i want to make fun of him; having dealt with a severe hail damage on my previous gen2, i do not blame the op.

aluminum body and hail does not go well; and within 45-60 days we will get into the tropical weather season in Central and South TX. Hail storms are brutal on these trucks. Nobody wants to touch them because they are pain in the ass to work on. They ask almost 2 times more money to fix these trucks and even the most professional jobs never 100%.

Aluminum body F-f150 is a nightmare to deal with when hail hits.

2022 Feb 19 #16 - Location: Frisco, TX USA
It can hail anytime here in the DFW. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of February or November lol.

2022 Feb 22 #65 -
Hail is no joke and it's a sickening sound when it's out there hammering your truck and there's nothing you can do about it. Been there a few times in NM, once literally the first night I brought a brand new work truck home (quarter size hail), several on the highway in other work trucks (this was just shy of baseball size):

What sucks even more is when your city prohibits carports, and you could have easily and (relatively) cheaply protected your investment...

2022 Mar 21 #78 - Location: Corpus Christi, TX USA
So I grew up in Plano, TX and when these storms came through just about every year, I would go outside with my dad and put cardboard boxes under a car cover, it sucks! We had a 3 car garage but there was always 2 Corvettes and my mother's car in there.

What is that bubble material made out of that hail won't punch through it?
Good luck with your bubble!


Ford F-150 Raptor Forum - Things to check after taking delivery
Start date Oct 2, 2021

2022 Sep 17 #237 - Everyone in Austin knows, you buy the hail bubble.


Ford F-150 Raptor Forum - Hail Protection Cover Ideas
Thread start date Aug 22, 2023, starter dfw62, Location: Florida USA

Sew or duct tape a bunch of u-haul blankets together?

Bubble wrap?

Tesla Cybertruck Hail & Ding Protection - Tesla Tough vs the other guys (Ford/GM/RAM Tough) who need a cocoon or pool noodles 1710660804471-v5


Professional storm chasers protect vehicle with POOL NOODLES and Flex Tape with gorilla hail threat
On a day with high potential for gorilla hail in central Nebraska, professional storm chaser @StormChaseTV to protect his new vehicle by mounting POOL NOODLES over the sunroof with Flex Tape by @FlexSeal
In the end, the storm chasing team intercepted a near 6" diameter hail stone near Burwell, Nebraska, and the pool noodle armor prevented the sunroof from blowing out. The supercell was also tornado warned as it dropped this largest of hail.
Never stop chasing
Jun 26, 2022
Reed Timmer



Deployed the HAIL PROTECTOR on my Ram 2500 - Did it work?

Many of you asked to see if the Hail Protector actually works... Well Texas has been pretty grouchy this year and given us a lot of strong storms, but most have been missing my house for the worst of it. This storm was coming right for my house and had confirmation of hail, so I deployed the Hail Protector on my Ram 2500... Will it hail? Will the Hail Protector work? Let's find out.
May 20, 2021
Normal Guy Supercar



J.D. Power - What Is A Hail Proof Car Cover?
Dustin Hawley | Jul 05, 2023

Storage And Portability - Consider how you will store the cover when it is not in use. A cover that is easy to store and transport will be more convenient for you.

Tesla Cybertruck Hail & Ding Protection - Tesla Tough vs the other guys (Ford/GM/RAM Tough) who need a cocoon or pool noodles 1710661211975-mm


Hail Protector Hail Covers | Patented Hail Protector Car Cover System- America's #1 Hail Protection System for Vehicles
Demoed against softball size hail equivalents:
ball pitching machine set to 80mph. 4lb paving stones, 17oz frozen balls with 2" spikes. 3lb cantalope dropped from 25ft
The Hail Protection System installs in 5-10 minutes after a practice install, and begins to protect your vehicle immediately upon activation.
It will stop hail and become fully protected within 5 minutes and it can be removed and repacked in the small, sleeping bag style bag quickly after use.

Tesla Cybertruck Hail & Ding Protection - Tesla Tough vs the other guys (Ford/GM/RAM Tough) who need a cocoon or pool noodles 1710657657082-0x

Hail Protector Testing and Demonstrations
Hail Protector


Jason's 3-day Exclusive with the Cybertruck — The Carmudgeon Show Cammisa & Derek Tam-Scott — Ep 122
The Cybertruck is easily the most controversial vehicle of the last decade, and Tesla gave Jason Cammisa exclusive access to its engineers — to drive it, watch it in a crash-test, drag race it, race it around a go-kart track, and hit it with a sledgehammer.
Dec 1, 2023
The Carmudgeon Show

Tesla Cybertruck Hail & Ding Protection - Tesla Tough vs the other guys (Ford/GM/RAM Tough) who need a cocoon or pool noodles 1710658487402-w3

video cued to 57:15

---- transcript ----

deal with this Gorilla Glass [ __ ] like I was in the car and they shot it with a 2-inch ball of ice
at 70 mph so they're like the highest certification the ice shooting apparatus
that they have uh it's an air gun I'll show you the video I'll put an in insert for the for these guys but the there's
the highest certification you need to be quote unquote stormroof or like you know like I guess F5 hurricane windows is a
-in whatever the [ __ ] this certification is don't quote me anyone but there was a this the certification is 70 mph 2-inch hail ball and it we were
in the car and I'm like what are they doing huh and and the the very nervous look looking man in the driver's seat
was like uh they're they're shooting the window with a 2-inch ice ball and they pull out the ice ball I'm like get the [ __ ]
out like we're dead this going to come through the window and kill both of us and he's like yeah just just just just lean back a little bit I'm like have you
done this before and he's like well they do it all the time but I've never been in the car when we did this and I didn't have [ __ ] safety goggle I mean I was
just in the car and I'm like what and they're like three two bam and it's hits this thing and explodes what the [ __ ]
[ __ ] like all right they did they need to do that probably not did they need to do like



Shatter-Resistant Armor Glass can resist the impact of a baseball at 70 mph or class 4 hail.

Tesla Cybertruck Hail & Ding Protection - Tesla Tough vs the other guys (Ford/GM/RAM Tough) who need a cocoon or pool noodles 1710665247873-r4


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