Looking for owners in NorCal for an event next Wednesday 3/27.


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Jan 24, 2024
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Rancho Cordova, CA
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ProtectaClear is working with a local (Sacramento) Tesla detailer, Dazzle’s Dynamic Performance to find the first 5 local Cybertruck owners to come in on Wednesday, March 27th to have ProtectaClear applied to your truck!

ProtectaClear will stop fingerprints and keep the factory finish of your Cybertruck for years. Dazzle's Dynamic Performance is the premier Tesla detailer here in Sacramento. They have a 5 star Yelp rating and we have taught them the process of preparing and applying ProtectaClear.

In an effort to promote this event they are offering a discount on application. Your cost is $1000, but is normally $1200. Your truck will be used for promotional content and will need to stay at the shop for 48 hours. This is for one day only, limited to the first 5 respondents. Please DM me if you are interested.

A few testimonials we have gotten from Cybertruck owners:
“I got to see (and drive) a Cybertruck yesterday and I can vouch that the ProtectaClear gives incredible results. Looks so shiny and new, and totally fingerprint proof.”
Ken, CA

“The ProtectaClear is holding up without issues!...It was much easier to clean with the ProtectaClear - and I haven’t seen any fingerprints now for weeks!
Emmanuel, CA
“I love the stainless steel look of our Cybertruck but it really is a fingerprint magnet and doesn't take much to look dirty. We bought the ProtectaClear sealer, cleaned the stainless exactly as directed, and applied the ProtectaClear sealer. Honestly, it was more work cleaning the truck than applying the sealer. After getting it clean, it took maybe 45 minutes to apply and couldn't be easier even for a noob like me. The truck looks great! It has a shiny clear coat and no more fingerprints! I let everyone/anyone touch and sit in our truck and it still looks great. Thanks!”

Joe, AZ

“I’m totally OCD and super happy to see with my own eyes that ProtectaClear works awesome on preventing fingerprints.”
Ken, CA