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    New Video shows MidGate !?!

    look, like your right, the cover is rolled up under the bed
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    New Video shows MidGate !?!

    that cover is stored in the current midgate area
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    New Video shows MidGate !?!

    the mid window being able to open, i thought was already known, midgate would require the design of the back cover to be changed... doesnt look like it will but it doesnt look like a window is in it
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    Robotaxi is an aircraft IMO

    nah, Elon said many times hes not interested in vtols. but no steering wheel car is gonna be wierd
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    I may not be able to buy a Cybertruck unless something changes. Anyone else?

    I was never sure id be able to buy it, still not. Elons slow progression into madness combined with other Ev trucks (vans more importantly) coming makin me not too hyped anymore ...had a bitcoin back in the day, sold it for a whopping $1k lol :{
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    New Tesla Sipping Glasses in Tesla shop sipping Glasses! for you favorite beverage!. actually looks cool.
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    All Parking Lots with more than 8 spots Should Have Solar Canopies and EV Chargers

    seem like every school in my area has solar in the parking lots, getting harder and harder to find large open lots for our motorcycle training classes... i see a trend
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    Musk say's "Too much on my plate" [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    IMO, The guy needs to stay busy or he will become as many super rich do i.e. progressing towards more, more things, more money, more pleasure, more power... not necessarily more better. I think tesla, space X, boring company, are chooching away without too much of his input.
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    Tesla Chill Blanket features Cybertrucks

    had to look that one up. But yea I know why
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    Tesla Chill Blanket features Cybertrucks

    i would like it, but 150 is pretty insane, oh its sold out. much tesla punch drinkers?
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    Cybertruck Heading Back to Peterson Museum in LA starting Nov 20

    well I would go down the 1 the whole way