cyber truck

  1. Is it allowed to sell CyberTruck reservation to another person?

    I noticed eBay is selling CyberTruck reservations for those who want to skip the line and get one immediately. Is that possible to do? I see some selling for over 5K? I've got two reservations and one ready to be delivered. I'd be tempted to transfer that one if it's possible. Thoughts?
  2. polyrhythm

    Cybertruck solar cover?

    I haven't found a thread exclusively talking about this. Has anyone bought the solar cover? What even is that, embedded solar cells in the roof or a manually unfolded thing? Is there any official information beyond just it's potential availability? Did anyone who bought the cybertruck recently...
  3. Treynor

    No space for trailers at superchargers -

    I’m guessing we will need to disconnect our trailers/RV’s at the super chargers while charging. Imagine the parking lot now with five CT’s charging for the next recreational haul OR job site and several RVs and tool trailers also in the parking lot . . . disconnected. Am I missing something?
  4. stumby

    CyberBeer + CyberStein + CyberOpener hits Tesla Shop! 🛒 🛍️

    A couple more shots of the Cybertruck spotted on April 30th, 2023. Some up close shots to get a detailed view of the front and side. Added track testing pic & video:
  6. Chvanegas97

    Cybertruck Production Delayed to 2022

    Has anyone else noticed that on Tesla’s cybertruck website it now states that customers will be able to conplete configurations as production nears in 2022 instead of the previous late 2021 posting? Expecting the cybertruck by the end of this year was an optimistic timeline, but seeing this on...
  7. BoomTrooper

    VIDEO - Tesla Cybertruck TeraFactory Site Construction Is Well Underway

    I was able to get some decent drone footage of the site this evening of the site excavation. It looks as if they are already moving extremely fast for just 1 week of work (Elon mentioned on Wednesday during the earnings call that they actually began construction over the weekend). A few things...
  8. Terry

    Can't Afford NOT to buy a Cyber Truck!

    Here in Canada we pay a lot more for fuel than our southern neighbors. $ 1.40 a liter seems about the normal high end. +/- I calculate about 92% savings due to our less expensive power here in BC. As a regional building inspector my diesel bill averages about $1,500. Per month so the truck will...