can the cybertruck use/work with 5th wheel trailers


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May 25, 2021
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I think it's too early to say that a 5th wheel won't work with the CyberTruck. The feature that's already been announced that will alleviate SOME of the sail panel obstruction is the independent air suspension. A computer program could adjust the suspension height, side by side, to lower the side on the inside of a turn, to gain clearance. Or it may be preferable to lower the front, raise the rear to flatten out the sail panels for extreme turning and jack knife backing. I doubt that this would be the whole solution, so trailer options might also be needed.

Perhaps the simplest pinbox solution will be a slightly redesigned GooseBox ™ goose neck coupler. The GooseBox™ is my preferred solution when I pull my 5th wheel RV with my CyberTruck. With only a gooseball in my bed, I won't have to deal with a traditional 5th wheel hitch filling my bed and the weight of the hitch sapping my range on day trips after I've dropped my trailer at it's site.

The GooseBox™ already has an air-ride suspension built in to prevent bucking and swaying and to improve the ride that gooseneck trailers usually suffer from. The other feature the CyberTruck will have, that can make the GooseBox™ more versatile is the onboard air-compressor and in-bed power supply. These can be used to control a remotely adjustable air-bag that can temporarily raise the pinbox mount several inches (a foot or more?!?) to boost the trailer overhang above the sail panels!!!

I have anticipated the problem this would cause in lowering the tail end of the trailer. It would be an issue that would need to be considered and closely monitored when the boost is activated. A solution for this (and I'm aware this is getting pretty costly☹) would be an adjustable air-ride suspension for the trailer. Raising the trailer temporarily when dragging is a concern. An air-ride trailer option is already an upgrade that some RV owners choose, just for the smoother ride. Designing ones that provide additional lift (and lowering) is something non CyberTruck owners might appreciate too.

Another, unmentioned possibility, that could eliminate or greatly reduce the sail panel obstruction problem would be if the CyberTruck had four wheel steering. With this feature, depending on the maximum angle allowed, jackknifing the trailer might be a thing of the past! Imagine if the longitudinal axis of the truck could always be kept in line with that of the trailer?!! The electric Hummer has included this, with 10° of angle, for it's crab-walk feature.

If ALL of these options are made available, the CyberTruck may become the BEST 5th wheel tow vehicle there is!!!