Alpine Armor's Tesla Model S with high powered rifle resistant glass windows, panoramic roof, door inserts.


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Sep 25, 2020
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No please mister criminal, promise NOT to shoot the windows and only shoot the hardened metal parts of doors, pretty please. I can trust you, mister criminal, right, right.


Advanced Ballistic Testing for Armored Tesla Model S by Alpine Armoring R&D Department
Discover how Alpine Armoring's R&D Department conducts ballistic testing and experimentation on the latest Armored Tesla Model S for enhanced safety and protection. Alpine Armoring, a US-owned multinational corporation based in Virginia, specializes in manufacturing high-quality armored vehicles for clients across the globe. For over 20 years, we have been pioneering engineering and technology for armoring various types of vehicles. Our Research and Development team continuously tests and experiments with ballistic materials to optimize safety for our clients, including our latest innovation, the Armored Tesla Model S.
Apr 26, 2023
Alpine Armoring



@muzi.5157 Great video. What happens when you bulletproof your car and it gets shot at? Do you bring it in for repairs and replacements or?

@vovochen @vovochen You buy a new one?

@jonulmer @jonulmer I think you get down on your knees & thank the lord maker on high you're still alive. Then you send a really nice gift to each of the company's employees. With a note thanking each for their excellent work.
You then gladly pay asking price for a replacement car.
I think something like that happens.


Armored Level A9 Toyota Camry TRD by Alpine Armoring


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