1. Rear Drive Long Range?

    So I’ve mused on this question for a while. Would it be possible for Tesla to produce a longer range variant by making it a 2wd vs AWD set up? Traditional ICE cars are more efficient with fewer driving wheels. I assumed the answer was no, as it seems the size of the battery seems linked with the...
  2. VolklKatana

    Cybertruck: The Most Bang for Your Buck Among Current and Upcoming EVs

    TESLA CYBERTRUCK: THE MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK Kevin Rooke September 15, 2020 29 different electric car models are currently for sale in America, and another 15 models have released product specs and are anticipating a launch in the next two years. On the surface, these 44 electric cars have...
  3. Solar DC input for charging Cybertruck from trailer panels

    I'm close to retirement and want to explore the whole of Australia in the Cybertruck towing a caravan covered in solar panels. I would love it if I could take it slow and just cover the miles a day I can charge from the sun. I heard figures of something like 20km a day using the Cybertruck's...