Mirror, Mirrors, on Cybertruck


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Mar 31, 2020
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Reposted this to a new Thread because I buried it in another thread where it didn't really fit.

TLDR: Mirror rotates so a mirror that faces upward normally becomes a small "legal" mirror and the whole assembly has a wing-like cross-section and much less drag.

Regarding Mirrors:

Elon doesn't want side mirrors because of the drag. Others don't want them for the looks.

I thought of a compromise. Don't get hung up on the shape I'm using in this rudimentary drawing (I don't have anything better at work)

- In Towing mode, the mirror looks and acts like a regular pickup truck mirror. It's convex at the bottom to help eliminate blind spots. Heck, it could even be telescopic to see past trailers.
- The angled J shape to the left of the three pictures is the front passenger door. I warned you it was rudimentary!
- The way this idea is different is the assembly has the normal mirrored surface and then an additional set of mirrors on the top surface as seen in the first image. If you were to look straight down at the assembly from above, you'd see yourself in the small mirror up there. (the top of the mirror is above eye level so you won't see it in tow-mode or around town so there won't be weird reflections)
-With the touch of a button or automatically(GPS? Speed?), The mirror would rotate vertically to the rear 90 degrees so the main mirror face faces the ground. The small mirrors on top are now your "legally required" mirrors like little stubby wings. If you were to stand off to the side of the Cybertruck, you'd see that the mirror has its flat side facing down. It has an aero shape tapering back to the small mirrors.
- When parked, the mirror folds and looks like most regular folding truck mirrors.

- I've picked a squared off oval shape for the mirror but in reality, it would have a more pleasing shape than what I used.
- Designing a motor driven mirror control to both twist the stalk 90 degrees from Towing to Aero mode and also fold (and maybe even telescope) shouldn't be difficult. The rotating part is the new trick.

What do you guys think about this idea? I know there is the "I don't want mirrors at all" group but for those who know they will have to have them or for those of us who actually want mirrors, how do you feel about this compromise?

If I had a hotline to Elon...

The regular rear-view mirror HAS to be a video screen or else it would be useless when the vault is closed. I suspect most of us will keep the vault closed most of the time.

Thanks for indulging my flight of fancy!