How much time do you think will be saved during production not needing to paint the Cybertrucks?


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Without needing to paint the cybertrucks will this save half a day of production?
My view of Cybertruck is that it is a production abstracted in three layers(components). The three are all independent of each other. All three can have their own separate time line(s). The three lines have differing assy times but equal rates so that components never wait on one of the others. We know battery cells have a mfg time, precharging period and batterypack mfg time component. So guessing Elon doesn’t start the clock on Cybertruck until after structural batterypacks arrive. Ditto Exoskeleton raw materials to Sheetmetal are non-costed to time which RT begins after exo is formed. Ditto Interior seats sewn to frames, dash built, steering, computer attached to CANBUS, flooring and headliner are built for each Cust. order. Those three lines converge. SWAG EM starts the clock somewhere just before actual convergence.

At a point the finished components converge into a Cybertruck production line.

Pre-assembled rolling chassis(batterypack,frt+rr casting, susp, wheels and tires) meet Exoskeleton.

Exoskeleton meet rolling chassis immediately after Interior component(batterypack top sheet, floor,furnishing mounts) is fit-to-batterypack.

At that moment, a Cybertruck VIN is borne wherein customer is notified by WARPdrive a truck is forthcoming with his name on it.

A short while later Armor glass, dash computer assy, seats, floorings, doors, steering fit and trim add to the CT mfg.

Thereafter fluids, connectors and pack are energized, self-tested and in-car computer initialized. We have a Cybertruck, a VIN and a customer assigned.

Bolt-ons(frt crashbar, frt+Rr bumper hitch, mirrors, tailgate and hubcaps)

Add-ons(Starlink, Quadbike, Spare tire and first aid kit)

Final inspection, clean, adjust and last inspection sends another truck away which clicks the counter ~10 hours have elapsed.

Without the paint, paint shop, body oven and body shop; but with paint correction included before the final inspection time saved ~1.3 hrs. RT.

unSWAG Body Shop time in ion prep, body-in-white dip, dry, prep correction, paint booth, oven dry and paint correction time for an exoskeleton would add non-mfg time to the process in excess of 11hrs.

Interesting would be how time is accounted.