Never have I driven a Tesla but I want one

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Dec 14, 2021
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Jupiter, FL
Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model 3
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Thanks for the suggestions. I am in line for the 3 motor version which I expect to be delivered on my 80th birthday in 2022. Wishful thinking! I am still a pretty good driver but I am all in for the FSD autonomous driving capability.
I reserved a Model 3 in 2016. In 2017, I bought Tesla stock. In 2019, my 94 year old dad told me that year that his goal was to ride in an electric car some day. I thought it over for a few weeks, researched a lot more info, talked to people at Tesla changing stations to ask them what their experiences were, then decided to change my mind and put in a reservation again for a Model 3, realizing that a lot of the information I had been reading in the news was being pushed by companies that benefit from gas car sales and was not accurate since I heard from Tesla owners who said their cars had none of the issues that other media were reporting.

In his lifetime from 1924-2020, my dad got to see horses and buggies and the early gas cars with wind-up crank starters on the front that broke men's arms as he grew from a kid to a teen, he drove Jeeps in WW II, towed camper trailers with cars and SUV's, stopped riving in his early 80's after a broken hip, then at the age of 95, he got to ride in an electric car. The things he saw & you have seen in your lifetimes! He said that the seats in my Model 3 were the most comfortable car seats he has ever sat in, and you can be sure that he had his share of aches and pains. I was happy that my dad had a chance to experience what it was like, including my demonstration of using Autopilot for added safety. He had been a drivers ed teacher through the 1960's & 70's and appreciated the additional safety which it offers.

Elon Musk said that Tesla's engineers have found that paying careful attention to pressure points is one key to making comfortable seats. (Suspension is another.) The seats are very high quality. We will see what the final version of the Cyber Truck's suspension & seats are like. Besides a 2+ yr wait for people who reserve one now, it will take time until Tesla is able to start manufacturing them, so if production starts in 2022, then is scaled up in 2023, new reservations might be delivered in 2024-2025.