Not enough cameras for FSD - a physic-driven simulation


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Jul 3, 2021
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It also depends on the size and design of vehicle. Smaller compact cars poke out a lesser distance. In smaller car, the driver might not need to lean their head to steering wheel to see past obstruction.
I don’t think it’s clear at all that the issue here was visibility. The car was well out into traffic where visibility was no longer an issue and it still had problems.

As a defensive driver I too avoid these situations WHEN I can. If I know ahead of time.
But you don't always know ahead of time. And you can't always backup.
My point wasn’t that Tesla shouldn’t address this, they absolutely should.

My point was that the navigation failure is actually more important than the failure to navigate a tough intersection. While a human might not know an intersection is bad, the navigation system clearly *does* have access to this knowledge. You don’t need to know if there are obstructions to see this is a bad intersection. Crossing 3 lanes of traffic and entering into a 4th is something the nav computer should go to lengths to avoid.

If there is a safer route and the nav system chooses to route the car through this intersection, that is far more concerning to me than it’s ability to actually navigate the intersection.


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