Tire size?


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May 17, 2020
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God I hope not. Let’s get some factory rubber on the production models to expand the options for the end user. I’d really like an option for “sport” radial wheels and tires like Rivian offers, if you’ve ever driven a truck with MT’s for 30k miles you’ll understand why.
What will come at delivery depends on how the CT wants to be perceived. Road truck or off-road capable... If they want a road truck perception, then they will offer the street tires other truck mfg. offer...you know...the ones that guys that hit dirt every once in a while get rid of immediately.
If CT wants an off-road capable perception, then they will take the route GMC took with their trail boss version of the silverado, the TRX offers, etc. They all offer an all-terrain or hybrid terrain tire.

The best tire I've used on many trucks is the hybrid terrain style tire. It is all-terrain in the middle, with MT ish lugs on the outside. More road noise than a pure street tire, but not by much and the ride feels the same as a street tire. All of that while looking like a mud tire and also having those outer lugs to grip when you need them to on back-country roads after a rain. I've put my ridgegrapplers through some abuse on very rough, rocky terrain and extremely muddy terrain pulling trailers. and done it many, many times. I've had the same pair on the truck for 45k miles. Probably get 10k more out of them. They perform great and I don't hear them in the cabin. If something like this doesn't come on the CT, I will immediately swap out.