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Jul 9, 2021
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That's image resist vs frame rate, and 24 isn't ideal, it's just dividing circle so you have blank space between frames. It's not a magical number.

You'd never want 24 fps for a video game or virtual reality, for instance.

The only reason 'people were getting sick' was that they were told, and they are accustomed to the 24 frames per second. If you change the shutter speed (or in old film terms, iso), you will get the choppiness or blurriness of objects. So basically, you already have audiences who are accustomed to a certain frame rate and motion blur in the frames. Anything different 'looks weird' to them.

You are correct in that 24fps leaves a desirable amount of motion blur in the image which Is a large part of why 48fps and higher is unsettling to viewers (when capturing the real world in video). Hfr reduces image blur which is a natural effect of our vision.

And the other part of my example of the hobbit trilogy that made people including myself sick is that it sucked!

I never claimed 24fps is magic. You essentially just confirmed my point. There are many factors that play into why 24-30fps is ideal for video.

One, I myself for one, could equally say that people have been told high frame rate is better for video, so they are socially conditioned to think it's better and hence convince themselves it is better. But that is also not exactly true because the same effects play into gaming that play into film. It's just that game developers tend to spend a lot of time trying to recreate the visual effects of capturing the real world in 24fps video, while displaying it on screen at high frame rate.. this act of artificially recreating motion blur, depth of field, atmospherics, occlusion, etc work to help make the higher frame rate less jarring. The same effects that successful big budget filmmakers who become obsessed with better and more realistic vfx tend to shun in their end products when they reach that certain old man point in their careers where they become more obsessed with technology than their actual stories.

Going back to my example of the hobbit, another pitfall of Peter Jacksons choice of visual style included both high frame rate capture and projection is trying to make hyper realistic and sharp vfx.. hence the lack of subtle details like motion blur really exaggerated the unnatural effects of hfr projection.

One medium is obsessed with trying to recreate the imaginary at the cost of being natural, the other medium is obsessed with trying to make the imaginary as natural as possible.

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