Cybertruck confirmed specs / features list


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Nov 21, 2019
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I'm a dunce when it comes to tires. Is there anything in that profile that has a longer life with all weather finish instead of off-road? For my work I mostly drive pavement and occasionally need to go off-road, but I can also put up to 40k milles a year on my truck.
I have been running Toyo ATII on my Toyota Tundra and have gotten really good mileage out of them ( 100K rotating every 5K miles) tire is rated at 65K miles. Its a AT tire that rides well on the street with minimal noise and is pretty good for moderate off road

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Dec 29, 2019
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Lexington Ky
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I have been trying to figure out the bed dimensions (very roughly).
I took the online photo of the rear view of the open vault and measured in Visio. Then determined a multiplier (13.1) to make the width 57 inches (as noted above. BTW, what was the source for 57 inch bed width).
Then measured the rear of the vault height and the height of the tailgate, multiplied by 13.1 resulting in 19.5 inches rounded up to 20.
The front of the vault isn't vertical. It appears to drop down sloping backwards for a about 17 inches, then slopes forward for about 11 inches and finally drops down vertically for about 4 inches. I used another multiplier to compensate for perspective in the above measurements, and rounded up.

The problem I am now having is that when all the multiplying is done (I used the average of the front and rear heights ((32+20)/2=26) so 57x78x26=115596.
That result divided by 1728 (number of cubic inches in a cubic foot) results in 66.98 cu.ft.
Whoa! That is WAY short of 100 cu.ft.

If you divide 100 cu.ft (172800 cubic inches by the length & width of the bed, it requires the AVERAGE height of the vault to be 38.9 inches.

So I thought, try a different view. Using the side view of the truck, and scalinf for z truch height of 75 inches, and a bit of guessing where the bed was, I measure 24 rear, 37 front (again, rounding up). We get better, 78.5 cu.ft. , but not 100.

So until we get clear specs from Tesla, I am going to assume someone mistakenly used the front of the vault dimension instead of the average of front and back heights. It is actually more complicated than this because the front of the vault is not planar, but for my needs, close enough. I was using volume to confirm the front height, but there is no way the front height is 54 inches. Oops.
My head hurts now......